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Daria Claiborne

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Daria Claiborne Pottery

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Ceramics, mostly functional work

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Awards and Honors


Art Central Membership – 2nd place, 2016

Spiva Center for the Arts Membership – 3rd place 3D, 2015

“in Flight”, Mt Vernon, MO – 3rd in 3D 2015

Art Central Membership Show, Carthage, MO – Underwriter’s Award 2014

“in Flight”, Mt Vernon, MO – 3rd in 3D

Sweet Arts Gala, Art Competition & Auction, Neosho, MO – 2nd in 3D, 2014

Coyote Glaze Contest, Albuquerque, NM – 3rd 2009

Spiva Membership Show Joplin, MO – honorable mention 2007

Art Central Membership Show, Carthage, MO – 2nd in 3D 2004


Pottery for Sale:

Rose Gallery, Joplin, MO

Sky View Gallery, Lamar, MO

Crack Pot Potter, Joplin, MO

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Gift Shop, KC, MO

Carthage Deli, Carthage, MO

KoKo Gallery, Carthage, MO

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About Our Art


I have been drawn to pottery years prior to actually sitting behind a wheel. Pottery has such warmth to it. Good pottery should make you want to touch it in order to feel that warmth.

It was ten years ago that I pestered a now good friend of mine to give me lessons on the potter’s wheel. Helen Ryan at the Daria Claiborne Pottery Emporium on the Square in Carthage graciously conceded to give me those first three precious lessons. Upon Helen’s recommendation, I went on to register at Missouri Southern State University where I’ve been taking the Monday night pottery class ever since. In the last few years, I’ve been blessed to have such awesome teachers as Jed Schelegel, Frank Pishkur and Brent Skinner. All are quite accomplished in their unique styles.

And over those ten years, I’ve managed to create my own “studio” despite the fact that it is part of my garage. I have my own wheel and kiln which allows me to fire mid-range clay bodies at home and cone 10, gas firings at the college. Now, I not only have access to the facilities at MSSU but am able to produce product when those facilities are not available to me which is the best of both worlds in my opinion.

I’ve come to appreciate not only the process behind the finished product, but the people and personalities involved in the pottery or ceramic world. Throughout the years, I’ve attended numerous workshops and seminars meeting top artists all over the country which have helped me expand my knowledge of the medium that I’ve come to adore. With more understanding of clay or porcelain, I try to not just imitate what I’ve learned, but to use that technique and make it “mine.” I strive to create predominately functional pieces that are artfully made. Actually, the whole process can be a love/hate relationship, but a challenging relationship is one of the most satisfying.

It is my hope to share what I’ve learned over these last ten years with others that they too may come to appreciate the ceramic world as I do.

Daria Claiborne Pottery
Daria Claiborne
3402 Finley Avenue
Joplin, MO 64801
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Daria Claiborne
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