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Debora McGee

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DR Portraits Plus

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Portrait artist working in oil on linen. People, horses & other animals.

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About Our Art

Debora has had a love for painting for as long as she can remember. Having done dozens of paintings throughout her life, it was more of a hobby- which would soon turn into a passion. Debora was inspired to paint a portrait of a friends first baby, as a gift. Wanting to make sure she could capture the baby in every detail, she decided to take some classes. Never having any formal training, Debora took her first painting classes 4 years ago, at the age of 50 and completed the portrait of her friend’s daughter, with much praise from the parents and all that have seen it. The painting proudly hangs in their living room, with a dedicated spotlight always showcasing it.

Debora took weekly classes from Karen Murphy Straight of Springfield, Missouri for 1 year, along with several workshops at Painter’s Corner in Republic, Missouri. Throughout the training that Debora received from Karen, she found a love and sense of drama from some of The Old Masters artwork.

Debora now uses contemporary photographs to paint portraits of families, pets, landscapes, wildlife, and whatever else she feels compelled to do. She especially loves to give her paintings an “old world feeling” if required by her client.

Debora has won numerous awards for her paintings, including Judge’s Choice, and People’s Choice awards from the Ava Art Guild in Ava, Missouri, and most recently won 2nd Place in the 2D catagory at the 2012 Harvest Festival at Silver Dollar City with her painting “Fox Trotter1”. Debora has had a private art show at the Ava Art Guild, and displays some of her paintings in the office of Dr. Scott Mason, DDS of Ava, Missouri. Her paintings are also displayed in many homes, throughout many states.

Debora started out in a small bedroom of her home, and quickly found out that she needed more space. In 2010 her husband, Roy custom designed an 800 square foot studio & gallery which was completed in September of that same year. Going from a small bedroom with a couple of incandescent bulbs to a custom built studio, complete with recessed and track lighting has been amazing. Debora’s and her students love the studio, as it gives them plenty of room and great light for painting. Her husband also installed a professional artwork hanging system that utilizes a track and stainless steel cables for the framed artwork to hang on, thus eliminating any holes in the wall; paintings can be raised, lowered, moved left or right very simply.

Debora keeps very busy producing a body of work for shows and sales, along with her commissions. She also teaches classes from late spring through early fall.


Debora McGee
Juried Member