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Elizabeth Exley

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Needle-felted and wool goods designed to draw you into the presence of God; created to make you stop, think and ultimately look to Him, the Creator.

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About Our Art

I started creating with with wool almost 10 years ago. Pretty quickly I realized that I only wanted to do work that would glorify God and bring more of Him into the lives of others. So I create. I create to make beautiful and useful things that encourage worship and creativity; and I create to draw you into His presence — to make you stop, think and ultimately look to Him. If you need more of that in your life, please join me in this journey.

My journey started as an academic and missionary. But then I had a beautiful baby girl, and my life slowed down. I canceled projects and meetings, declined job offers, and sat mesmerized at my miracle. As she grew and played, I started playing, as well. I would sit with her during her moments of her imaginative creation, and I also wanted to make something beautiful.

I grew up sewing and crocheting and crafting, but never found my niche. Until I found felt. Then I fell in love. And that love grew and grew until our rooms are now overflowing with dolls to love and pictures which whisper sweet songs and stories.

And so I create. I create so that I can spend quality time with my little girl as she plays. We talk and laugh as we both imagine worlds. I create because it gives me great joy to see my ideas take life. And I create because I believe we were all made in the image of the Creator.

I spent most of my previous life working with vulnerable populations — children in poverty, families without homes, patients with HIV. Doing anything for my own joy was a hard concept, and it still is. We live in a world where pain and sadness often overcome joy and beauty. So stepping out into joy while others live in sorrow is hard. But this place – Gingham Trundle – is a place where I can rest in the beauty of a God that loves us all and wants us to find joy everywhere, through Him.

And in the last few years, I needed joy. As life goes, things got very difficult, and now I am stepping out into this space of creativity, learning to trust myself and my art. It isn’t the best art ever created, but it was created with love and joy, and I pray that love and joy will overflow to those who find their way here.Thank you for joining me here.

Your presence means so much.

About Our Business

Elizabeth Exley
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