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      From a very young age I have been driven to create. It never mattered much what I created, just so I was always in the midst of some project. Today after more than a decade of perfecting my glass working skills and combining them with my love of vibrant colors and the swirls and twirls found in the geometry of nature,  I  have been able to create designs that truly represent what I find most fascinating in the world.

     Personally, I am drawn to art that is happy and uplifting to the spirit.  In my work, I use vivid colors occasionally punctuated by black and white to achieve that emotion. The spirals, whirls and swirls found in nature are also a great influence on my work. The patterns on a sea shell or the curling of a grape vine I find endlessly intriguing.

      Several years ago I decided to branch out into fused glass. Since torchwork is still my first love I use lampworked elements such as small beads and cane to fuse into my pieces.

      My current work “Glass Gardens” features beads made directly on a steel wire and attached to a framework to make miniature gardens. Each garden becomes a necklace, pendant, pin or wall decoration.  All of my work still reflects my obsession with brilliant color and my quirky sense of humor.

            I took my first beadmaking class in October of 1998, and since then have sharpened my torch skills by taking classes from renowned bead artists. With Jim Smirich I learned heat control. Tom and Sage Holland taught me the history of beads and ancient techniques. In class with Patty Walton I learned encasing and how to make her beautiful aquarium beads. Kate Fowle and Cindy Jenkins have taught me to take chances with my beads. My stringer control was greatly improved by Dustin Tabor and Holly Cooper and Stephanie Sersich helped me develop my love of bright color combinations. Kim Fields and Astrid Ridel strengthened my attention to detail.  Lately I have been enhancing my fusing skills with Lisa Becker and learning glass casting techniques from Patrick Blythe.

       Since 2002 I have been participating in numerous juried art fairs including the “Historic Shaw Art Fair” St. Louis, MO.,  “Spring and Fall Festival of Art” St. Louis, MO.( also known as the Queeny show), “West End”  LaGrange, IL., “Edwards Place “ Springfield, IL., “Sugar Creek” Bloomington, IL.         In 2005 I began attending a few wholesale shows such as the “Buyer’s Market” in Philadelphia and the “ACRE” show in Las Vegas and Orlando. Now my work can be purchased from at least 30 galleries and shops nationwide. Missouri galleries that carry my work include “Bluestem” in Columbia, “Waverly House” in Springfield, “Mississippi Mud” in Kimswick, “Simpatico” in Clarksville, “Mindworks” at Chesterfield Mall in the St. Louis area and coming soon to a Hudson Co. shop in Lambert St. Louis airport. Check my web site for my art show schedule and weekends that I work at “Simpatico”. I’m at the “Mindworks” most Tuesdays.

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