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I have made jewelry for more that 30 years and worked in many different medias.

  • Attended William Holland School of Lapidary Arts twice for wire wrapping and design
  • Maintains an extensive library of wire design and instructional books
  • Mentored by Howard Siegel, a well known chain maker in St. Louis
  • Wire classes from Barbara Switzer
  • Private lessons from other wire artists and glass beads makers
  • Weekend workshops through the Midwest Metalsmith Society

I am a member of the Society of Midwest Metalsmiths.

I have always been intrigued with patterns that challenge my analytical thinking. I have pursued many different art forms throughout my career. I love to wear jewelry so I was naturally drawn to making wearable art.

Chaining has been one of the most satisfying media I have found. I begin with straight wire; form rings, hand cut the rings, and then make the chain. I like patterns that seem to “flow” and “float” when worn. My work is mostly in silver. but I occasionally use gold or colored wire.

Formal Education- Diploma, St. Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing. BSN, Washington University, MSN and PhD, St. Louis University.

Jan Barrett
11528 Sandhurst Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63141

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Jan Barrett

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Jewelry Artist working with silver and beads

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