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Jan Buesching

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Wine Mosaics

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Meticulously hand-cut and assembled original mosaics using recycled natural corks, foils, caps, cages, and polished wine bottle glass. Beautifully unique, earth friendly, and intensely intriguing, this art form has broad universal design appeal.

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314 495-5355

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Also Juried Member and former Board Member of the Greater St. Louis Art Association. Resident Artist of the Clayton Fine Art Gallery. Resident Artist of Missouri Artist on Main in St. Charles, Missouri.

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About Our Art


When viewing this exquisite art,

One feels the same warmth, the same passion,

the same excitement

As experienced when first sipping a fine wine.


Collected by the artist from around the world, the recycled natural corks, foils, caps, cages, and polished wine bottle glass used in these intricate original mosaic compositions provide exceptional beauty, interest, and personality.  These hand-cut and meticulously assembled masterpieces are believed to be found nowhere else in the world.


Within each original mosaic, the artist strives to represent the flow of nature, the motion of life.  There is great attention used in the achievement of balance, both architecturally and dramatically.  Varying heights are used to create or dismiss shadows. Angles, sizes, shapes, and textures are employed to draw-in and then move the eye in various directions, at various speeds.  Extreme care is taken to enhance the character of every ingredient used.  Each time the viewer peruses these works, they will discover another attribute. 


Technically speaking, the mosaics are constructed on a thick, high quality wrapped canvas allowing for excellent side and angle viewing, effectually offering a different emotional experience from every perspective. The works are strung from the inside of the heavy wooden frame so that each piece hangs totally flat on the wall in order to magnify the endless dimensional effects.  The outside of the canvas is finished with four layers of a coordinating gloss acrylic to complete the polished look. Mosaic sizes vary from 20” x 20” up to 36” x 48” for a single piece.  Triptychs are amazing and murals are achieved by seamlessly assembling panels.  Even seemingly whole corks are trimmed in ordered to assure strong adhesion.  Non-commissioned mosaics never repeat a winery name.  Commissioned pieces often include the client’s cork collection.  One piece can take a full month to complete.


It should be noted that colorful pieces are made through the application of flamboyant foils, caps and glasses.  The pieces presented here are intentionally neutral in order to highlight the medium.


The artist has been constructing cork mosaics for over thirty-five years having always had a passion for art and art education. 



Jan Buesching
Juried Member

Mixed Media 2D