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J. Marvin Crozier

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Crozier Studio

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Stoneware, porcelain raku; acrylic & watercolor painting

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Marvin Crozier
Painting & Pottery

Marvin Crozier began his career as a professional artist craftsman in 1971. His preferred mediums are clay, watercolor and acrylic. Recently Marvin began painting large scale, bold brush stroke, acrylic paintings carrying the same misty nouveau impressionistic style that appears in his watercolors. Marvin enjoys creating paintings that are mysterious illusions, encouraging viewers to create their own interpretations of the art work. He also works in sculpture, graphics, photography and digital photo restoration.

From 1972 until 1990 Marvin was owner of Nauvoo Pottery in Historic Nauvoo, Illinois. Over the years he has sold artwork and pottery to customers from over 80 countries. He relocated to Missouri in 1991. Marvin received his graduate degree in Fine Arts at CMSU and now works at his studio in Jackson County Missouri, 25 miles east of Kansas City. Marvin’s studio is located in a picturesque western Missouri rural setting. It is associated with a raku kiln yard, an herb garden, and a pond with really big catfish. He works and teaches in this setting that seems to appeal to all visitors. Visitors are always welcome. For directions go to www.crozierstudio.com click on Newsletter and click on map. Please call or email before coming to the studio.

Inspiration for Marvin’s work stems largely from two sources; they are Early American folk pottery and Nature. Nature can be interpreted in a broad sense as landscape or viewed in detail such as plants, flowers, fruits and gourds. In studying landscape and plants he has observed a multitude of designs and colors that are easily converted into clay, watercolor and acrylic. Over the years Marvin has ventured into many different styles and methods of creating his art; however, he has always returned to these two inspirational sources.

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J. Marvin Crozier
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