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Josephine Jacobsmeyer

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I create one of a kind sterling silver jewelry

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About Our Art

I began my training as a metalsmith at the Rochester Institute of Technology, School of American Craftsmen in Rochester, NY. When I graduated in 1992, I opened my own studio creating one of a kind and limited production jewelry. My work has evolved and grown since then but the desire to create has remained a constant.

I think of my jewelry as units or elements that I have created separately then combined to form a beautiful and harmonious hole. I mix graphic or architectural shapes and forms from my earlier education and training in interior design with organic forms, which are influencing me now, every day.

Each piece is hand made and constructed, including most of the linkage systems and chains. Elements are fabricated from sterling, gold or copper. Sawing, filing forming, and chasing are a few of the traditional metalsmithing techniques I utilize. Texture is important to me to add depth and personality. Precious and semiprecious stones are used to accent an area or element and also to add color in the overall design.

I am always striving for beauty and harmony in my work and I want it to appeal to the eye as well as being functional and a pleasure to wear.

My work is sold wholesale to galleries, through a few art shows a year and directly from my studio.

Josephine Jacobsmeyer
206 Thiebes Road
Labadie, MO 63055

Josephine Jacobsmeyer
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