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Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan and raised in Bloomfield, Connecticut, Kathryn E. Leventhal-Arnold has lived in Saint Louis, Missouri since 1985.

Kel-A Unique Art - Jewelry by Kathryn Leventhal-ArnoldHer family encouraged her interest in art early. Kathryn’s grandmother, a Life Member of the Art Institute in Chicago, Illinois, made sure her granddaughter was grounded in the arts, taking her to the Art Institute on family visits from the time she was very small. Her parents ensured she took classes from an experienced artist and jeweler while in middle and high school. She continued her studies at Bloomfield High School and at Brandeis University and went on after college to experiment with various art forms.

In 1985 Kathryn moved to St. Louis to work as a technical writer for McDonnell Douglas. Sitting in front of computer daily motivated Kathryn to resume her artwork, studying briefly at Webster University. After learning the technical craft of cutting matboard for framing, she recognized the potential of creating intricate designs with depth through various, complex interlayerings of matboard. In 2004, she left her technical writing career, to make art her primary focus, selling and exhibiting her artwork throughout the United States.

In 2007, Kathryn returned to work in information technologies. However, she continued to create and study art through a series of local classes. An enameling class sent her in new directions and revived old skills and interests from jewelry classes during high school. Further training in enameling and cloisonné techniques only increased her interest. Kathryn then expanded her skills with work in metalsmithing and foldforming.

Kathryn enjoys concentrating on the small details to create a complex and delicate design. But, she also cherishes the opportunity to work abstractly, simply letting metal and mood shape a design. The ability to combine these two different sides of Kathryn’s personality enable her to create unique jewelry that draws the eye and encourages touch.

Kathryn has been making and selling enamel jewelry since 2008. She continues to expand her experience through practice, reading, and classes. .

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Kathryn Leventhal-Arnold

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Enamel on fine silver jewelry, including foldformed & cloisonne designs.

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