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Welcome to Kathy’s Teddy Bear Shoppe!
Hi.  My name is Kathy Niewald and I live in Washington, Missouri.  I have been sewing for over 43 years.  I’ve combined my hobby of collecting teddy bears and my love of sewing into my business.  My teddy bears are made from recycled fur coats.  I line each bear with unbleached cotton muslin to add strength.  My bears are fully jointed.  They have German hand blown glass eyes and embroidered nose and mouth.  I love being able to use all recycled furs.  A large portion of my business is custom work.  I take the client’s family fur coat and create heirloom teddy bears.  These one- of-a-kind teddy bears create memories that last forever.  In 2004 I was featured in St Louis Post Dispatch, Missouri Life Magazine and our local Missourian Paper.

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Kathy Niewald

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