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Kathy Nolte Orf has been practicing the art of calligraphy for over 20 years.  Beginning with a degree in graphic design, calligraphy became an outlet for her creativity as well as a way to work from home when her 3 boys were little. Even though 2 of the boys are at college, it has become a way of life.

Through workshops, classes and professional conferences over the years, Kathy has grown calligraphically and taken her art in new directions. Painting furniture and lettering on walls is one of those directions. For several years Kathy has volunteered at her sons’ high school (her youngest is now a freshman there, so 4 more years!) painting furniture for its auction, and had a great time doing it!  Kathy can help you with any home painting projects you need.

Another path led her to expand her use of technical tools—-using Photoshop and her Mac, she has spent many hours creating new ways to use her calligraphy. Incorporating her “letter photographs” that Kathy “found” in art, architecture and nature, she combined them with her calligraphy and created many exciting personalized gifts and scrapbooking items.

Kathy’s work, both original and computerized, reflects her innate sense of design.She has had original works exhibited in calligraphic shows from Oregon to Connecticut, recently winning third place in “Calligraphy As Art 2007” in Granby, CT. She was President of the St. Louis Calligraphy Guild from 2000 to 2005 and now designs their publications.  Kathy uses her calligraphy to both inspire and communicate and tries to incorporate lettering in everything she does.

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Kathy Orf

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Photographic letters & calligraphy combined to create personalized gifts & home décor.