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Currently I am working on a photo series of Heritage Breed Farm Animals.  Many of these animals are in danger of extinction, so I am visiting small Missouri farmers with rare breeds of livestock and poultry.  It is my goal to eventually do a book to help increase awareness of endangered farm animals and the small farmers who are working to preserve these breeds in need of our help.  It is my privelage to donate a portion of my proceeds to the Livestock Conservancy, which is an organization working to protect rare breeds of farm animals through education, research and breeding programs.

It is my dream to raise community awareness of rural life and sustainable agriculture through my original photography. Although my photos are not complex, I hope anyone no matter where they may live, will feel a connectedness to the land which provides for us and a simpler way of life.

By the time I was ten years old I knew how much I loved the outdoors and wanted to be a farmer. I’ve always enjoyed taking photos but really discovered a love for it in the past several years. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science and a small farm of my own, which I share with an assortment of animals, it seems as if I always have something to photograph.

I have been able to blend my love for the outdoors and animals with my passion for photography. For me taking a picture is a way to preserve a memory forever of something that I found to be funny, beautiful, or just caught my eye. I have been thrilled to learn, through the encouragement of friends and family that others also enjoy the images I capture. I hope you enjoy too.

You may find my photography in several shops/galleries in mid-Missouri, at local art shows and online at

My work is available on handmade greeting cards, and signed-numbered, limited edition prints, canvas and wood art. You can visit my website at You can also find my open edition work on Café Press and Etsy.  I’ve included the links below.

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Kim Carr Photography

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Farm Animal Photography

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Awards and Honors

Historic Shaw Art Fair – Jonathan Collins Hoare Memorial Award – October 2022

Webster Art Fair – Award of Excellence – June 2022

Missouri Life Magazine – Featured Artist – November/December 2019

The Art Fair at Queeny Park – 2D Award of Mastery – Fall 2019

Midwest Salute to the Arts – Award of Excellence Photography – 2019

Summit Art Festival – Best in Show – 2017

Saint Louis Art Fair – 2nd Place – 2017

Celebrate Wildwood – Best in Show – 2017

Missouri State Fair MO50 Exhibit – Top Award – 2017

Columbia Art League / Member Show Eclipse – Honorable Mention – 2017

Washington Art & Wine Festival – Best of Show 2D – 2017

Artfest on Walnut – Best of Show 2D – 2016