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Armed with no formal artistic training and nothing more than a love of things born from Nature, along with amazing amount of good luck, Kim Kenney (a.k.a. JusKim) began her woodturning career late in 2008.  Taking instruction from Artist Jerry Crowe of Unique Turnings, she started down a path that would lead her to something she would never have dreamt of.  Having never seen a lathe in use and without any training in woodworking other than spending weekends working at the lathe with her mentor, Jerry, looking on, Kim remained a weekend woodturner until January 2012.  At that time she resigned her Customer Service position of 15+ years with a local manufacturer, left the corporate world behind and began to devote herself fulltime to her passion for creating on the lathe.  The main focus of her 3-D work is hollow form vessels turned from burl wood utilizing the raw materials available from the beautiful Ozark Hills. Kim is currently represented by The Museum Store at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, AR; Peter Engler Design in Branson, MO; Artifacts Gallery, Eureka Springs, AR and Gallery of the Mountains, Asheville, NC.
Kim is a current member of the American Woodturning Association, the Best of Missouri Hands and Stateline Woodturners

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Kim Kenney

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Wood Turning Artist of Hollow Forms utilizing Burl Wood accented with genuine semi-precious stone such as Turquoise, Malachite and Lapis.

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