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Lauren Nall

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Original wearable creations fashioned entirely by hand using traditional tools and techniques.

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Edwardsville Art Fair 2018 Merit Award

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About Our Art

The metals medium, particularly nonferrous metal, including silver, gold, copper, and brass, has a variety of characteristics that I find very intriguing.  When heated, it becomes malleable which makes it quite a forgiving material to work with. The term “smith” derives from the germanic verb “to smite” which means: to strike with a tool.   After a series of strikes the metal takes form and gets harder with each blow; resulting in remarkable strength and permanence that can withstand the test of time. Transforming flat sheets of metal into dimensional forms incorporated with folds, surface texture, and pattern is a technical challenge I’m continually exploring.

Variations of forms, patterns, and textures present in the natural botanical world influence my creative concepts.  Inspiration works interchangeably with the traditional metalsmithing tools I use and range of applications they have to offer.  The aesthetic components that result from merging traditional ornamentation with modern elements of pattern and surface treatments give my jewelry art distinctive character.  Aged and conventional in appearance with features that simultaneously reflect a modern / industrial twist. The style of each original creation differs from one piece to the next; thus no two are ever the same and each one as unique as the individual who wears it.

Custom Works are available upon request.  I cannot express the joy I get out of bringing ideas and inspirations to life in metal.


About Our Business

FletcherWorks is a one woman show.   Each piece is original,  beginning as sheet metal and wire which are then fashioned entirely by hand in my south city St. Louis studio .  In addition to designing and fabricating metal works, I am solely responsible for the photography, editing, web design, and social media marketing needs of this small business.  It’s truly an honor to be a maker and have the opportunity to pursue the trade professionally. FletcherWorks will be participating in the following art shows this spring:



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Lauren Nall
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