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Transforming metal into dimensional forms is a technical challenge I have enjoyed exploring over the last 21 years.  Metal has number of characteristics that make it an ideal medium to work with, it’s strength and permanence can withstand the test of time and it’s a continually recyclable material.  My remnants, down to the tiny shavings, are collected and sent to a local refinery where they turn the scraps into new sheet metal and wire.

All of the design work, forming, and fabrication of my pieces are done in my home studio; it’s near and dear to me – my sanctuary.   I take great pride in the tools I’ve been collecting over the years. They offer a wide range of applications that allow me to produce original metal wears created using techniques that have been long established and passed down through generations. Surface embellishments and pattern as texture are elements of my designs I like to play around with.   Shapes and surfaces on leaves, petals, and tree bark are figurative elements that inspire the embellishments and details incorporated into my collections.


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Lauren Nall

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Artisan made jewelry, fashioned entirely by hand, create for everyday wear and enjoyment.

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