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Leigh Roberts

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Leigh Roberts

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A metalsmith and fiber artist based in St Louis, MO. Jewelry is inspired by a passion for art, architecture, icons from past cultures and patterns in nature.

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Awards and Honors

2015 – Best in Jewelry, Edwardsville Art Fair, Edwardsville, IL

2015 – Award of Merit,Midsummer Arts Faire, Quincy, IL

2014 – 2nd Place,  Midsummer Arts Faire, Quincy, IL

2013 – Award of Merit, Art Fair at Queeny Park, St Louis, MO

2010 – Award of Mastery, Art Fair at Queeny Park, St Louis, MO

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About Our Art

Two concepts, an appreciation for beauty and individuality, have had the greatest influence on what I do and who I am. They have shaped the way I look at the world and helped me to grow as a person and as an artist. A passion for art, architecture, icons from the past and patterns in nature has taught me to see and appreciate beauty. To me, beauty stems from the selection of materials; the arrangement of elements; and the weaving of textures and colors in each piece of jewelry I design.

Pieces are fabricated of precious metals and are often accentuated with Kumihimo, the Japanese art of weaving silk threads into decorative cords. Metal processes include: perforation, reticulation, fusing, forging and forming. I love to combine the hardness of the metal with the softness of the fiber to produce a yin-yang quality in my work

My unique style allows me to create beautiful pieces with a contemporary aesthetic. Each design is a wearable work of art, an elegant personal adornment.

Leigh Roberts
Juried Member