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Loren Woodard is a wood carver living in the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks region of Missouri. Loren believes that much of the artistic process is created by the artist’s surroundings. Thus, he believes that he is located in the perfect place to create his art. Loren has been carving for 23 years.  He has studied under many world class carvers and is looking forward to attending more classes in the future. Loren has taken the things that he has learned and created his own style of carving.


Loren was a guest carver at Silver Dollar City for 15 years.  Those that are regular visitors to Silver Dollar may have seen Loren carving in his typical costume, a billowy sleeved shirt and a black top hat adorned with turkey feathers. To those of you that have stopped by for a visit, many thanks.


Loren has been teaching woodcarving for the past 10 years or so.  He does approximately 8 to 10 classes per year.  His classes consist of cottonwood bark carving of carving wood spirits, human busts including Native American, mountain men, cowboys, etc.  In addition, he teaches whimsical house, sometimes known as fairy houses, in bark.  They are great fun and a people favorite.  In addition, Loren teaches Santa classes and Christmas ornament classes.


Loren does several shows throughout Missouri.  If you are interested in seeing Loren at a show or learning wood carving give Loren a call at 573-480-2003.

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Loren Woodard

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