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Mary Barge

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Charming Designs, LLC

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Wire-wrapped jewelry featuring natural elements strung on silk and hand knotted

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314 420-6460

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About Our Art

My formal education consists of both Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degrees with marketing majors. Throughout my life I have taken classes and explored on my own various art media, from pottery and drawing to basketry and weaving.

After my son’s birth and my own breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, I realigned my priorities and quit my strategic planning job. This allowed me time to spend rearing my son and deciding how I wanted the rest of my life to evolve.

It was at this point I began creating pieces of jewelry using sterling silver and 14K gold-filled wire. I taught myself to make links and to wire wrap natural stones to create unique, artistic pieces of jewelry. I also taught myself to string and hand-knot material to create strong, fluid necklaces and bracelets. I use a variety of pliers and I never use heat or glue. I purchase the finest material I can find including pearls, gemstones and crystals.

My clients appreciate the quality and uniqueness of my work, and I enjoy the pleasure it gives them.

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Charming Designs, LLC
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