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Pattie Garrett, Fine Art in Oils

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I’m a farm girl at heart, and my love of nature and the wonders of life are reflected in my paintings, primarily landscapes.  I paint with oils, with a soft, reflective style.  The wet-on-wet technique suits my style best.

I am largely self-taught, but greatly influenced by special people in my life.  My mother was a ceramics artisan and dad was a wood worker and Master carpenter.  They both taught me to have patience in the pursuit of perfection.  I find inspiration in the beauty of other artists, and study them at great length.  My great desire is to share with others, the visions I see, from my memories, imaginations and realistic views of the magnificent world in which we live.

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Pattie Garrett, Fine Art in Oils

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Artist in oils on canvas. I specialize in landscapes and realism.

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Awards and Honors

I was quite honored when contacted by Dr. Cecilia Lee seeking permission to use  my painting “The Dreamer” for the cover of her new book “The Party Is Not Over”.  Publication:  5/2020