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My primary interest has always been in three dimensional art work. This led me to focus my work in the area of small sculptural works and jewelry design.

I work primarily with metal and stones, incorporating the feel of organic motion and growth into the solidity of metal forms. I strive to capture the ephemeral beauty of nature and translate it into objects which enhance the connection between nature arid humanity.

I find it satisfying to think that my work often is given as a token of love, passed from one person to another, imbuing it with additional levels of appreciation. I am happy to recycle stones and metal to create a new connection for those for whom they have special meaning.

My work is primarily one of a kind, although I do make multiples of many pieces. I like to find unique stones to work with, cutting many of my own stones. I enjoy hand carving pieces, which I then cast using the lost wax process. I have a small foundry in my studio where I do my casting and finish work. I have been making and selling my work through various galleries for over 30 years.

Randy Wright Jewelry Designs
Randy Wright 

Joplin, MO

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Randy Wright

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Hand carved lost wax cast jewelry designs inspired by nature

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