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As a six year old boy, Glenn began to reveal his abilities when drawing and sketching everything he encountered in his St. Louis, Missouri hometown.

One of Glenn’s favorite places to spend time was the St. Louis Zoo.  His personal observations of the animals as they fed, relaxed (and watched him in return), have allowed this artist to fill his drawings with incredible detail.  Many sense the animal could come to life as they view it!

Glenn uses a series of ink “dots” to create each animal’s shape, detail and shadows.  He learned this drawing technique, called “pointelism”, as an illustrator in the Graphics Department at Southern Illinois University.

Glenn is a Juried Member of The Best of Missouri Hands organization, and a Signature Member of the Missouri Wildlife Artists Society.  His art earns him acceptance into multiple juried shows, and he has been honored with many awards and monetary prizes.  These credentials, combined with his 25-plus years of exhibiting in Arts and Crafts venues, have given Glenn a loyal following.  Customers throughout Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Minnesota look forward to seeing Glenn at their favorite shows.  He plans to expose his work nationally.

Each drawing is a Limited Edition print, Glenn signs and numbers 200 prints per original.  Hand-applied Prismacolor tints make every print unique.  Glen personally mattes and frames his own artwork as a final guarantee of quality to his customers.

Glenn creates wildlife in color pencils, pastels, mixed media, pen & ink.  He is an experienced presenter for Art Guilds, high schools, and various organizations.

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R. Glenn Garrison

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Wildlife Pen and Ink Drawings