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From an early age I have always loved the beauty that can be found while on a leisurely walk in the woods, along a lakeshore or down a quiet meandering stream. These walks have allowed me to study all of the intriguing shapes and formations that only Mother Nature can create. Many times I am awestruck by the awesome power of nature to reduce a once mighty tree to a shell of what it once was, whether it is a twisted, gnarly, stone embedded tree root or a lightening struck, hollow log.  It is these interactions with nature that have stirred my imagination and are the basis for the one-of-a-kind furniture and accessories that we create at the Wood Merchant.

The Wood Merchant specializes in creating custom one-of-a-kind furnishings from salvaged logs, timbers and driftwood.  Many of the timbers are considered to be “old-growth”, 150 years and older, with diameters of 5 feet and larger.

The rapid growth of commercial developments, housing and new roads in the area have led to the demise of many trees that are rich in history.  These trees would not be considered “prime” due to the scars left by a life time of lightening, ice storms, wind, forest fires, floods, droughts and other perils that have taken the lives of many weaker trees.

Over the past 18 years the Wood Merchant has been saving these historically rich trees and giving them “new life” in the form of custom furnishings including coffee tables, end tables, desks, dining tables, bars, bistro tables, beds, dressers, entertainment centers, armoires, church furnishings, architectural accents and a variety of decorative accents and accessories.

We take what “Mother Nature” gives us and make it into something beautiful and functional for the home or office.  We are at the whim of “Mother Nature” for what we create.  She is mostly responsible for the results.  Many of the old trees can still tell stories.

If you wish to visit the Wood Merchant Design Studio an appointment is highly recommended.  The Design Studio is located at the intersection of Highway 86 West and Highway 13 South just South of Lampe, Missouri.  For an appointment call (417) 779-5324.  Please leave a message.  Examples of our work and further information can be found on-line by visiting our web site at

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Rick Braun