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Since childhood, after seeing my grandfather’s forge in operation, I have had an interest in metalwork. Without formal training, I tinkered around; taking raw material and exploring it’s character. Heating it, and reshaping it, bending it adding to it or taking away. watching the colors seeing warmth and beauty in something that can be cold and hard, knowing it can be transformed and trying to figure out how.  My creative process varies from piece to piece. In some cases, I am inspired by activities and events in my life, things I would like to do, places I’ve been and things I’ve seen. Some are inspired by others who have a vision, but not the means. Sometimes I just sit down at an empty table, with or without an idea in mind, take a look at the materials on hand at the moment, see how they are willing to be transformed, and go from there.

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Robert Chapman

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Fine art and craft that has been created from primarily recycled metal using hand tools and manual techniques.

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