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Robin Ragsdale

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Adorned by Robin

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Hand crafted jewelry using fine silver, bronze, copper and stone.

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Born and raised in Texas, I now live in St. Louis. I earned a fine arts degree from Lindenwood University, where I specialized in ceramic sculpture, photography and color theory. Entering the “real world,” I became a graphic production artist working on a computer. I am self-taught in the major graphic design programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Quark.

After about 20 years on the computer, I found that I missed the tactile sensation of working with my hands. Combining my love of jewelry with my experience in ceramics, I learned to make pendants, beads and other components using bronze, copper and fine silver precious metal clays —and joined the world of jewelry artists.

Much of my inspiration comes from the natural world. The unique forms found in seed pods, knarly woods, veins of leaves, stone textures and the fanned ridges of sea shells always fascinate me and move my imagination toward new creations. I find my love of history and archeology has also influenced my work. Hints of art nouveau, Victorian embellishment and even cave drawings can be found in some of my pieces.

Each minute I spend in my studio is a blessing. Every new technique I learn is a joy. My hope is that others will enjoy wearing my pieces as much as I love making them.

Adorned by Robin
Robin Ragsdale
841 Green Lantern Lane
Ballwin, MO. 63011
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Robin Ragsdale
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