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Rosanne Sartori

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I retired from teaching in 2002 and decided to take a beginning jewelry class. It was love at first sight! I was intrigued by the possibility of creating art using beads and crystals. The variety of colors, shapes and sizes inspired me to experiment and want to learn everything I could about jewelry-making. In the ensuing years, I took dozens of classes on a variety of techniques, but never wavered from my love of beads. I started a business called Celebrations by Rose and found that my jewelry had popular appeal. My work has been featured in shops across the St. Louis area. In 2012, I was invited to become one of the charter members of Missouri Artists on Main in St. Charles, MO. Being surrounded by the gorgeous art at MAOM has encouraged me to continue to grow and learn. And, as an added bonus, I have been given the opportunity to teach my skills to others, while I continue to use beads in ever-changing ways.

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