Home Page Marketing




BOMH is pleased to offer our new membership marketing program.  We call it the BOMH Featured Member.  We want to help you promote your art and/or your business.  This program is open to all BOMH members, General, Juried and Corporate.  Your art or organization will be featured on the BOMH home page.  You may give us 6 to 20 images that will appear on a slider at the bottom of our home page.

In addition, as the featured member of the month you will be able to have text based information showing below your artwork, that will give you the opportunity to tell your story to the viewer as well as explain how someone could contact you.  You construct the text so it will show what you view as important.  We can also embed images in the text portion of you want us to upload a picture of yourself, your studio on anything else that helps you get your message across effectively.

Members may reserve one month to have their art/organization featured.