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“There is something mysterious about working with warm glass. You anticipate how the stacked layers might merge in a firing, and yet, somehow it always turns out differently. I love the discovery of opening a hot kiln to see how the tiny stacks of glass blend and recreate themselves into a single piece.”

Each crafted item is designed from my glass baubles, vintage glass and beads, wire and metals and found objects.   The baubles are purposefully layered with dichroic glass and metal inclusions and are displayed at shows under a high powered magnifier to illustrate the depth and variety of color in each piece. Each glass bauble sparkles with flashes of color and demands comment by onlookers.

As a means to enhance the glass baubles, I studied chaining at William Holland Lapidary School and love taking classes through the Society of Midwest Metalsmiths. I found the endless variation on classic chains so compelling, that I now juggle creating fused glass pieces and chain maille in my home studio. I have been marketing my jewelry at local art festivals and consigning to shops for the past 20 yrs.

Creating jewelry is my therapy when I pull myself away from doing social worker. I enjoy spending time with our daughter and her 4h group exploring creative activities of all sorts.

Beyond Baubles
Suzanne Taggart
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Suzanne Taggart

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Fused glass & metal jewelry with a flair: Baubles, Bits, & Chains.

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