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I’m a fine artist who turned into a potter, and the clay is my canvas. 

As a fine artist: I tried a variety of mediums and wanted to experience as many as I could. I did have a period of time where I enjoyed using a split-nib pen and an inkwell and hand-wrote approximately 10,000 names in calligraphy. For many years my mediums of choice were oils and watercolors. My paintings have been exhibited in several states, along with being included in private collections. Also, one was chosen to be included in an internationally distributed calendar and another painting was used as the design for the dust jacket of a book. My 2D work was accepted into numerous juried exhibits including those at Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts in Springfield, The Missouri 50 in Sedalia, and the Missouri Watercolor Nationals at the Winston Churchill Library in Fulton, at which event received the Award of Achievement in 2003.

As a potter: In 2003, I took a detour from my fine art, laid my paint brushes down, and tried my hand at stoneware pottery. This was the result of a Christmas present my husband gave me — pottery classes! The clay has proved to be an immensely enjoyable medium, capable of withstanding the whims of an imagination, yet still holds the capabilities of being functional. I use several methods to make my pieces, including wheel-thrown, slab-rolled, and extruded. Many forms require assembly of the various pieces, and then are embellished with hand carving to create unique texture and “movement” on the surface of the finished item.

Images of my work have appeared in numerous publications such as Pottery Making Illustrated, Ceramics Monthly, Missouri Life, and Connection Magazine. And, we have gallery representation in Missouri.

In 2006, I became a Juried Artist Member of The Best of Missouri Hands.

We can be found on Facebook at Copperleaf Studio Pottery.

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Terri Balden

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Wheelthrown and slab formed stoneware pottery

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