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Terri Myer

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Original paintings with an emphasis on color exploration.

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I will be featured at Carteret Contemporary Art, Morehead City, North Carolina beginning May 23, 2015. This art gallery is on the coast of North Carolina near the Outer Banks. 12 of my tropical oil paintings will be in the exhibit.

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About Our Art

Terri’s paintings demonstrate her exploration of color as she paints her favorite subjects: coastal scenes, tropical subjects, and just about anything that involves water or beaches. Using bright, happy colors, which reflect her own personal outlook on life, she hopes to inspire positive and uplifting feelings in those who view her work.

She enjoys painting on site whenever possible. When painting on site is not practical, Terri works from sketches or photos that she takes. She frequently takes trips to the East Coast, especially to the coast of North Carolina and southward to the Gulf of Mexico. Also, she recently traveled to Mexico, Jamaica, Curacao, and Antigua. Missouri also provides plenty of opportunities for subject matter along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers as well as many lakes.

Visit Terri’s website: TerriMyer.com.

Terri Myer
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