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Drawn to the art for much of my adult life, I became a full-time nature photographer in 2009.  As evidenced by the images on this site, I am drawn to landscapes, particularly water features such as waterfalls and springs.  Botanical subjects, historic buildings and impressionistic views of nature also inspire my work.

I agree with a quote by an unknown author: “The goal is not to change your subjects, but for the subject to change the photographer.”  Once only a weekend warrior, I have gained much more than improved photographic techniques when I began practicing the art full-time.  Since I’ve been granted the opportunity to spend more time in the natural world, I have seen the potential for the healing power of nature photography.  By viewing a flowing stream, one can almost hear its song rushing over the rocks.  Seeing a solitary iris may cause one to imagine its perfume. An aging mill inspires the reminiscence of a simpler time.

A well-composed photo of these subjects is apt to cause the viewer to transcend their stress, their ailments and their disconnection with nature.  I’ve witnessed people abruptly stop to view my photographs at art shows, transfixed.  After several moments, their entire demeanor changes.  Pursed lips become smiles.  Puckered brows are smoothed.  Harsh tones become soft, awed, as they ask me:  “How did you do this?” or “Where did you find this?”  Those moments of knowing that I’ve helped bring peace to someone experiencing discomfort are worth any obstacle I may have encountered to bring my art to the public.

Some interpret my work as being digitally manipulated, because of my use  “special effects”:  the soft flow of the water, or the impressionistic style of some of my photographs.  However, I seek an authentic experience for my viewers and patrons, so those “special effects” are achieved by manipulations in the field:  camera settings, searching for the right atmospheric conditions or movement of the camera.

I live in Southeast Missouri with my wife Lisa, who is a visual artist.  I have won numerous local and regional awards, as well as having been awarded juried membership status in “Best of Missouri Hands”, indicating that I have achieved a high level of mastery in my craft.

My work is in numerous private and corporate collections.  The healing aspect of my photos lend themselves very well to hospitals, clinics and those whose focus is to create a peaceful setting for their patients and clients.  In addition to high-quality photographic paper, I also offer large-scale, gallery-wrapped prints of all of my images for those who prefer their décor on a grander scale.

For busy professionals, I offer a greeting card mailing service – an effective and thoughtful way to place fine art in the hands of clients, team members and partners without the hassle of remembering dates and preparing mailings.

To learn more about my methods, my inspirations, or to take a journey with me into nature, please visit my blog at   I look forward to chatting with you.

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Todd Tuttle

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Fine art landscape photography