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My name is Travis Bond and I am a self-taught artist.

Creating a work that portrays an expression, conveys a mood, or invokes emotion with something as basic as a pencil is a fulfilling and enriching experience for me. A simple tool, yet a tool that can be used to create an image of complex detail and depth. Drawing with graphite and charcoal pencils to bring an image to life on paper is what inspires me the most, best suits my overall artistic aesthetic and style of realism. 

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Travis Bond

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Graphite, Charcoal, Colored Pencil, Pastels

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Awards and Honors


  • “Dude, Seriously?!”, 1st place drawing in the amateur division – Boone County Art Show
  • “Epiphany”, 3rd place at One Read Exhibit held at Orr Street Studios
  • “Dude, Seriously?!”, Award Winner at the Missouri State Fair
  • “Bro Selfie”, Honorable Mention at Missouri State Fair


  • “Cast Out”, Best of Show Amateur – Out of this World Exhibit at Capital Arts Gallery
  • “Gathering of the Gods”, Best of Show Amateur – Adult Fine Art Exhibit at Capital Arts Gallery


  • “The Lost Boys”, Best of Show – Adult Fine Art Exhibit at Capital Arts Gallery
  • “The Lost Boys”, 2nd place drawing in amateur division at Boone County Art Show