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Tresa Killion

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Killion Pottery

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Hand made pottery & clay art designs

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As long as I can remember I’ve had the intense desire to pursue a career in art. In 1993, I took the step that changed my life when I started attending college as a non-traditional student. Many classes and dozens of mediums later, I was introduced to clay in a design class and immediately felt a life-altering spark.

College is where I learned to love clay. An apprenticeship with a local master potter is where I learned I could be a full time working artist. Through his apprenticeship, I gained immeasurable amounts of instruction and encouragement which enabled me to become what I’d dreamed of all my life.

My career journey has been fascinating. I’ve had the joy of sharing my gift with countless people, not only through my pottery, but also by creating “special pieces” for customers who have unusual designs in mind. My creations range from building custom designed hand made and hand painted tile murals to adding the finishing touches to homes with hand made sinks or specially designed sculptures.

My dad was very instrumental in teaching me to be mechanically minded and to believe I could do anything I set my mind to. This wonderful knowledge has enabled me to create unusual pieces that can’t be found just anywhere.  My husband, Richard, and my sons have also been an encouragement in my art. They’ve spent countless hours helping me in the studio in many different capacities for which I am ever grateful.

I am inspired by the loveliness in everyday momentsa butterfly landing on a rose bud or a relaxing stroll with my family.  Part of the beauty of life is having something hand made, therefore it is my desire that you will enjoy my worktheir functional aspects as well the artistic spark molded into each of my handcrafted pieces from the clay I love.

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Tresa Killion 

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