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My fascination with glass beads started in the mid 90’s.   I began visiting local bead shops and trade shows purchasing any unusual glass beads that I could find and turning them into unique pieces of jewelry.  I seemed to be drawn to the bold colors.  I started selling my pieces to friends and at local high school craft shows.  By the late 90’s it seemed that everyone was buying beads and making jewelry.  I wanted to be different and stand apart from everyone else.   With the encouragement of close friends, I enrolled in a four week glass bead making class.  After the first class I was hooked – I did not want to leave the studio.  There were opportunities during the week to come back to the studio and practice making beads and I spent every available moment there.  I used the time to experiment with different colors and techniques.  I found working with molten glass so mesmerizing that I decided that I wanted to purchase my own torch and kiln so that I could work from home whenever I had time.   I have had the opportunity to attend glass bead making seminars with internationally known bead makers to learn new techniques.

When purchasing my own equipment I decided that I would purchase a kiln large enough that would allow me the opportunity to work with other types of glass.  While taking my bead classes I observed students fusing glass and I decided to take a stab at that.  I first bought some scrap pieces and began experimenting with small fused pins and pendants.  I was particularly partial to dichroic glass because of the bright colors.  The small pins and pendants turned into small dishes which then turned into large plates.  I also liked experimenting by incorporating  pieces of fine silver to my fused pieces.

Whether I am flame-working or fusing, the possibilities when working with glass are endless.

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Wendy Harris

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