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Yukari Kashihara

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Shirahaze Gallery

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Wheel-thrown, Porcelain

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About Our Art

My work is porcelain and wheel-thrown.  Each individual piece is hand-painted with slip, decorated with colors of underglaze, and high-fired.  They are delicately crafted with details that are inspired by nature.

I am focused on themes expressing beauty and harmony, as well as playfulness.  My motif includes images of wildlife, which are enhanced through my own interpretation– based on visual and tactile impressions– often along with a story, or personal experience.  Every year I have something new to paint.  It is my visual diary and has evolved over the years.  By using playful and unique functional pots, I hope to enhance the dining experience, as well as create a pleasant atmosphere, where you share thoughts with friends and family.  It is my endeavor to share positive & uplifting emotions through my work.


Yukari Kashihara
Juried Member