Angel Brame and Linda Passeri join forces to bring us Repurpose, Reengineer, and Relocate

Angel Brame Repurpose, Reengineer, and Relocate
The premise of the current body of work is creatures taking found objects and “MacGyver-ing” them into escape vehicles. As much as possible of each found object is made from clay, from the vintage camera to the tricycle to the vacuum cleaner. Once each piece is fired, a cold finish of acrylic, enamel, and resin is used. Final details come in the form of plastic, glass, wood, and small findings. The end result is a balance between a realistic recreation of a recognizable object and the whimsy of the critters,
always sporting goggles, leaving their current habitats for a variety of reasons.

Linda Passeri Reimagined My Steam-Punk-styled paintings reimagine nature as the source of power in a machine that runs a city. Rust and metal are the main colors of this world.I then transition to a bright world, still using nature as the main subject, surrounded by elements of Art Nouveau and Deco.

Juried Best of Missouri Hands artists Angel Brame
Dragonflies and Mud

Jacoby Arts Center 627 E BroadwayAlton, IL 62002
July 14-Sept 5, 2021

Reception Aug 6, 2021 6-8pm