Art Impressions Gallery & Framing

BOMH Corporate/Gallery Member

Art Impressions Gallery & Framing, owned by artist Garnetta Sullivan, is located on The Avenues in the heart of the historic downtown district of Sedalia, MO in a beautiful historic building. Sedalia, known for its Clay Mask Sculpture by Garnetta Sullivan

rich history as a cattle drive town and also as the home of Ragtime composer Scott Joplin, is becoming an important art and cultural center in Mid-Missouri. Home to the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art on the campus of State Fair Community College, Sedalia is becoming an important art-stop between the Kansas City and St. Louis area.  

Art Impressions Gallery adds flavor to the local art scene by representing the work of emerging to internationally known Missouri artists. It is one of several galleries nationwide representing internationally known, and award winning watercolorist, Paul Jackson, whose work is in prestigious collections across the United States.

Art Impressions offers professional photo restoration services. We can bring out the story behind every photo. Your photographs record the memories of precious moments and loved ones, but with time they have become faded or damaged. Art Impressions can help bring those precious pictures back to life again.

When you have custom framing done at Art Impressions, we will treat your treasures as though they were our own, whether their value is monetary or sentimental. And, we’ll enhance their value by transforming them into objects of timeless beauty.

At Art Impressions we believe when a person cares enough about something to have it custom framed, they want it to look good now and for years to come. Therefore, we use the highest quality materials we can find and take the time to do the job right. We believe that when purchasing something that is not a commodity to be immediately used up, but rather an item of lasting value, the most important consideration should be overall VALUE rather than PRICE alone. For example, one might spend $200 for a fine meal and perhaps a concert. Pleasurable as they may be, in reality they are “here today, gone tomorrow.” Spend that same money on a custom-made frame, and you will have something which provides pleasure every single day for many years.

Framing and display needs vary from individual to individual, that’s why Art Impressions Gallery and Framing offers a wide array of options. Framing choices range from simple, economical styles to lavish water-gilded ornate styles—we offer something for every taste and budget, and we always emphasize QUALITY and VALUE. We have the largest frame selection in the Sedalia, MO area.