ArtSmart is a SUCCESS!!

ArtSmart 2023 was a success!! Thank you to everyone who attended, pitched in, created, learned, shared and spent the weekend with us! The excitement is still high as the dust settles. Look for post on the BOMH Facebook Member Only page to get a little insight as we share post periodically to share the weekend with all.

We don’t have a date set yet, but you can look forward to ArtSmart 2025. Feel free to contact us anytime with suggestions of speakers, topics, frolics, anything that you would like to see at future events. We want to hear from you. In the meantime, here are a few comments about ArtSmart 2023.

Tresa Killion

What a great weekend, loved fellowship with both new & seasoned artists! Mckenna Hallet twas very informative & entertaining as well. Thank you for procuring McKenna for the 2023 Artsmart Conference. So sorry for the ones who weren’t able to attend because she shared a wealth of info!

Patty Muenks

I love her so much!! So many great words of wisdom!! I love the podcast! Highly recommended!

Maggie Lowe

I tuned in to Mckenna’s podcast a few days ago… she does NOT DISAPPOINT!

Cory Q Lawson

It was a super event. So much good information and inspiration.

Cindy Kilfoyle

Great photos that captured the fabulous weekend of fun and frolics!

Jane Cook

This was such a great event! Thank you for all your work!

Barb Byrne

I couldn’t agree more!!! Loved every minute of it! 

Maggie Lowe

Wow, what a wonderful weekend! I feel so rejuvenated! It was so wonderful meeting all these awesome people that I’ve seen online, I know their work, but I’ve never met them. I made a bunch of new friends this weekend! And I had so much fun! oh and did I mention I had so much fun?!?

 I really want to stress how much I appreciate all the organization that went into creating this great weekend! I know that was a ton of work, and I’m so impressed! Everything went so well, it was just wonderful! And it was so much fun! Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone!

From the survey…Very fun night, Fantastic night, So fun!, I loved that the projects were easy to learn and that I was able to create nice pieces that I’m proud to take home. I also gained knowledge of new materials and learned new skills that I will be able to use in my own artwork. Love the frolics, wish I had time to do it all! Mckenna was a joy to learn from. Great content and wonderfully presented. I didn’t think I would learn anything at the conference and was prepared for that possibility. It shocked me that Mckenna had so much useful information not geared only toward new artists, but really helpful for experienced artists too. I had a few minutes here and there with Mckenna and she was very supportive and generous. Very pleased with Mckenna, great speaker.

We got tons of great feedback and are so happy we got to spend this time together.