ArtSmart Reviews

This was my very first association conference, and it did not disappoint! I had so much fun! And it was so nice to be able to meet some of the people whose art is the only thing you know of them. Putting names to faces, great conversation! Lots of laughs!

A fabulous guest speaker! Mckenna Hallett was amazing! I so enjoyed Friday night frolics! I was pretty nervous at first, but when people started sitting down at my table and drawing and talking… It was great!

I have so much gratitude for everybody who planned and worked so hard to get this thing to happen! I know it’s a lot of work, but you pulled it off! It was wonderful, the hotel and the staff were wonderful as well!

Bravo, everyone! And many many thanks! Maggie Lowe

What a great weekend, loved fellowship with both new & seasoned artists! Mckenna Hallett was very informative & entertaining as well. Tresa Killion

I love her so much!! So many great words of wisdom!! I love the podcast! Highly recommended! Patty Muenks

I tuned in to Mckenna’s podcast a few days ago… she does NOT DISAPPOINT! Maggie Lowe

Mckenna’s podcast is spectacular! One to be listened to time & time again!  Thank you for procuring McKenna for the 2023 Artsmart Conference. So sorry for the ones who weren’t able to attend because she shared a wealth of info! Patty Muenks

It was a super event. So much good information and inspiration. Cory Lawson

Great photos that captured the fabulous weekend of fun and frolics! Cindy Kilfoyle

This was such a great event! Thank you for all your work! Jane Cook

I couldn’t agree more!!! Loved every minute of it! Barb Byrne