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As a juried member, one of the many perks is your very own webpage within the Best of Missouri Hands website.  This is a free website to use however you see fit!  We would love for you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity by populating your page or giving it an update with your current art work and contact information.   Last year two of our artists were discovered by museums and invited to show their work because they were found on the Best of Missouri Hands website!  Show directors, galleries, and retail spaces often use our website to review one’s work for consideration at their venue or event.

You can update your BOMH page by visiting our website at  From there you will need to log in and then you will be able to populate your page or update it with current information.  Should you need any help with getting logged in, loading images or any other concerns, please email us at,

By updating your page, it will also allow us to share your most recent information and work on our Facebook page. Daily Artist Spotlights are posted on our main page to highlight our juried members.  We currently have over 2,000 followers who are interested in what our members are doing.  Many of our members also utilize their webpage on the BOMH site as their own website.  You can put the page address on your business cards like any other website address, however you don’t have the hassle of maintaining a website.   Here’s an instructional video to help setting up your webpage,

With all the options via social media, it is hard to keep up!  We are happy to help you and wish to promote our artists!  Please take this time to populate/update your BOMH page.  It is just one of the many perks of being a BOMH member!

Important links for our members….

BOMH Website:

BOMH Facebook Page:

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BOMH Instagram Page:

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