Scholorship applications are open January 1st – 31st, 2022.

While the Best of Missouri Hands ArtSmart Conference is always reasonably priced, some members may experience a need for financial help in order to attend. The Best of Missouri Hands offers financial assistance for ArtSmart Conference attendance through various fundraising means.

General Guidelines

• Application for award funding is open to all BOMH Members seeking financial assistance to attend the ArtSmart Conference.

• Award monies assist with the Conference registration fee only and do not assist with lodging or travel expenses.

• $500 will be budgeted each year to the Annual Conference for ArtSmart Scholarships.

• The ArtSmart Conference Committee determines award number and amounts within the stated budget.

• Award Recipients must complete one educational or community outreach activity which is coordinated with the BOMH Executive Director or President. Application Review and Award Process

• Award requests must be received by the Best of Missouri Hands from January 1, 2022 but no later than January 31st, 2022.

• The Conference Committee Chairperson appoints the members of the Scholarship Review Committee (Review Committee).

• The Conference Committee Chair will forward all requests to each Review Committee member.

• Review procedures are determined at the discretion of the Review Committee.

• Reviews are based on criteria as set forth by the Review Committee.

• All Applications will be ranked according to Review Committee review procedures.

• Scholarship funds will be distributed according to availability and ranking up to the budgeted allowance.

• Applicants will receive written confirmation of awarded funding.

• Notification will also be sent to those who do not receive funding.

• If a winning applicant withdraws, funds may be awarded to the next highest-ranking applicant.

• Only after all funds have been awarded to winning applicants may BOMH Board of Directors’ members apply for any remaining funds. The Review Committee will evaluate any Board member applications in the same manner as non-board members.

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