BOMH Professional Development Report by Tresa Killion

I am so grateful to be the 2019 Professional Development Grant recipient. With the grant I was able to add a second smaller pottery wheel to the studio.

Because of its small size and weight, I’m able to take it into shops that carry my work and demonstrate on site for them.   This has helped to educate folks about the arts as well as Best of Missouri Hands.  Being a Juried Member since the early 1990’s I’m so grateful to have this fantastic opportunity to “take it to the streets”!

The wheel size also helps me to be able to teach first timers & younger kids because it does not have quite the power of a full-size wheel. Having two pottery wheels in the studio I am able to throw at the same time as a student or apprentice.  I have always felt that throwing pottery is best learned by both watching and doing at the same time. It is my desire to give to others as was given to me early on in my pottery career through an apprenticeship.

I am so excited to have the opportunity to possibly be an influence in young lives and to continue sharing the importance of the arts.

Tresa Killion

Killion Pottery