BOMH Visiting Artist Program 2017-2018

 With this new school year, we as juried artists in Best of Missouri Hands have another opportunity to serve the young people in our state. The Visiting Artist program exists to help inspire the students throughout the state of Missouri. To help students see working artists and hear about the various disciplines that our artists are using to make their way as artists in the world. These young people may be budding artists who will be encouraged to think bigger, to learn and grow as an artist themselves. Exposing students to working artists is mind expanding and fun.

Best of Missouri Hands is grateful that once again we are receiving a grant from the Missouri Arts Council for this worthwhile program. This is a call for juried BOMH artists around the state who are members of our organization to volunteer to participate in the 2017-2018 school year. I would like juried artists from all over the state to be in their local classrooms teaching and speaking about the arts to young artists and the art collectors of the future.

Once again, because of this generous grant we will be able to provide a $100 stipend per visit. Often artists do multiple sessions at the schools and we hope to provide the stipend for up to three visits per artist. Depending on the number of volunteers and visits this could change.

We would especially like to reach underserved areas, where arts programs or classroom visits are limited by lack of funding. Luckily through some outreach efforts we have the names and info of teachers who are looking for artists to come talk to their students.

Nancy Koehler is chairing this committee with the help of Board members Kim Powell and Allison Norfleet Bruenger we will endeavor to continue to make this program a success. We have had wonderful participation from our artists in previous years. We are always looking for artists who are not only willing to contribute in this way but have contacts within the educational community. The visits will need to be completed from now to April of this 2017-2018 school year.

If this attracts you, and feel you have something to share or have contacts in schools, please let Nancy Koehler know. Contact her at [email protected]. It is important that you contact Nancy by email if you want to be considered for this opportunity.