Summer Jury Session 2022 has come to an end. Please help us in congratulating the newest juried artists!

Clockwise L-R

Greg Holden-Photography

Garrett Jackson-Painting

Angie Johnson-Clay

Ida Hoffmann-Photography

Mari Moore-Clay

Gloria Gaus-Painting

Barb Hueting-Jewelry

Well done, Artists! Opening yourself to this process is both thrilling and scary. We all know as artists, many of us wear our hearts on our sleeves and view our art as our children. It takes courage to apply. Often times it takes more than, one attempt to be juried in. To achieve this is continued work, blood, sweat, and sometimes, tears.

Jury sessions are held twice yearly with a winter and summer session. Artists wishing to apply must be a general member for 90 days prior to applying for juried status.

The next jury session will open February 1, 2023.