Cost Saving Ideas for ArtSmart

Counting Pennies…WAYS TO SAVE ON ARTSMART 2023

Share a Ride: You can ride with others from your region to ArtSmart. Just put a notice on the BOMH Members Only FaceBook page that you’d like to share a ride and split the costs.

Share a Room: Get together with your friends and share a room at Stoney Creek. Guest rooms are reasonably priced, but divided by 2 or 3? That means real savings for all of you.

Share a Meal: Friday night’s dinner is on your own. So, team up with others and split a pizza. Or visit one of the numerous restaurants and grocery stores in the vicinity of the Inn offering a wide variety of fares.

Apply for the Dodie Eisenhauer Scholarship:  BOMH has $500 budgeted each year to distribute to applicants.  The funds only cover the registration fees to the conference, not lodging.

More information can be found on the ArtSmart 2023 page as it is available.