Daniel Messerla – Wood

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Daniel Messerla

Location: Eureka, Missouri, United States

Web site: www.creativewoodconcepts.net

Description of work: I create original pieces of functional art in wood such as hand turned bowls, pet urns, and similar items. Most of my products are segmented turnings made with food safe adhesive and finishes.

Statement: Creative Wood Concepts, LLC (CWC) is a custom woodworking shop. We specialize in original, handcrafted products utilizing a wide variety of local domestic and exotic hardwoods from around the world. Our primary product line is hand turned bowls featuring both solid and segmented styles of turning. We also create pet urns, cutting boards, chess boards, bottle stoppers, candle holders and other similar home products. All of our products are functional art and all colors are natural. We use no dyes, stains or any artificial coloring agents. Everything we make that is designed for food contact is food safe utilizing FDA approved adhesives and finishes.


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