Fundraiser for Sam & Patti Davisson

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Our dear friends, Sam & Patti Davisson need our help!

On the evening of January 1, 2019, one day after their wedding anniversary, a fire started in the attic of their home.  They were supposed to be away but stayed home since they were feeling sick. Had they not been home, the house and contents would have been destroyed and their 4 house cats, 6 rescues, (mama and babies) would have perished in the fire.

As it is, their entire home suffered severe smoke and water damage. Their office with all its contents, was completely destroyed as were many possessions in adjacent rooms.  They are still living in a hotel but hoping to move temporarily into a motor home on their property soon so Patti can continue to create the beautiful pieces she is so well-known for while reconstruction and repairs are done.

They are working with their insurance company but we all know that will move slowly and certainly not cover everything.  They are still sick and exhausted emotionally & physically, yet Patti still speaks of their thankfulness over not losing any lives.

Patti is an accomplished jewelry artist and travels full time doing shows. She is a hard-working, wonderful, kind hearted person and a juried artist with the Best of Missouri Hands.

Sam is a retired glass artist who works very hard every year organizing a show at Silver Dollar City for the Missouri Hands Juried Artist Group.  He also is a night watchman for a local company.

Many of you have been personal recipients of their repeated, kind generosity over the years. Let’s all do what we can to return that kindness!

This lovely couple needs our help to get on their feet and continue to work at their jobs! I hope you will join with us in supporting Sam and Patti. Remember every bit helps!  Quantity of donors is what matters!  Please give from your heart to these treasured friends and fellow artists!!!

Visit their Go Fund Me page to donate

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