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Garnetta Sullivan

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Sullivan Creative and Art Impressions Gallery

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Oil paintings, Photography, Glass, & Graphic Design

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About Our Art

Garnetta Sullivan was raised in Jefferson City, Missouri, where her interest in oil painting began at age 10. She painted her first oil on canvas with the guidance of her soft-spoken artistic grandfather who influenced her life with his art and loving manner. The flame was lit and she began her lifetime devotion to art.

As a young adult, Garnetta moved to Sedalia, Missouri and obtained her bachelor’s degree in commercial art (summa cum laude) from the University of Central Missouri (UCM). She is presently owner of her own design firm, Sullivan Creative, in Sedalia and designs and maintains the BOMH web site. Garnetta also owns Art Impressions Gallery and Framing located in the historic downtown district of the city.

Garnetta’s primary focus in the fine art field is oil on canvas and oil monotypes on paper. She has received many awards, scholarships and has been juried into national and regional shows. Captivating portraits of children, realistic close-ups of the natural world such as pebbles, leaves, flowers and berries as well as non-objective monotypes created with dramatic line, interesting texture, and delicious color schemes are all part of Garnetta’s passions. Many of her color schemes, texture and lines she also translates into warm glass creations.

Garnetta is also an accomplished photographer. She uses her photographs as reference material for paintings, but sometimes she feels her photograph communicates the image so strongly the brush could not improve it.

As a commercial artist, she creates outstanding designs for logos, brochures, websites, advertising, business cards, postcards, banners and more.

Garnetta’s paintings, photography and glass can be found in many private and corporate collections across the country. She feels the best is yet to come and continues to spark the flame of creativity in everything she does.