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In my Sculpture  I let classic original concepts evolve into stylized designs that give a narrative. I usually invoke some Sci-fi theme, sometimes subtlety and sometimes blatant. I work mostly in wood, combining turning, carving, construction, and assemblies. My work is highly refined and finished to the best of my woodworking abilities. I choose subjects for their challenges to learn some new technique


All my Furniture work is commission based one of a kinds. I would love to work with you to create something that fits your home.


My love for simple pure form is always forefront in my Sculpture, Furniture, Photography, Drawing and Painting. Sculpture is my first love, but I have always felt that Furniture is just functional sculpture. I learned photography to capture the glory that God has made and record the art that I love to create. I feel that when an artist creates a work he is trying to hold on to a moment that he cherishes or an emotion that changed him..

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Jerry Cox

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I Love Wood

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314 420 4636

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