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Julie Koch

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Julie Koch Designs

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Based out of Kansas City, I create artisan, earth inspired jewelry, using precious metal clay & silversmith methods. Created to celebrate nature & bring joy to daily life.

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About Our Art

The Artist

I have always loved jewelry. It is an elaboration on an individual’s style and a statement on how they are feeling as they anticipate the events in their day. We attach feelings and memories of extraordinary moments, celebrations, and loved ones to our jewelry. We cherish a particular necklace or ring that belonged to someone special. It is these tangible objects of sentiment that we pass on to the ones we love.

I create artisan, organic, earth inspired jewelry, formed by hand, start to finish, from precious metals and gemstones. Using precious metal clay and silversmith techniques, each bracelet, pair of earrings, pendant and ring is handcrafted from fine silver (99.9% pure,) to sterling silver (92.5% silver and 7.5% copper alloy,) copper and bronze. This one of a kind art jewelry is designed, created and beautifully finished to celebrate nature and bring joy to daily life.

Want to be part of the creative process? Please contact me with your custom design ideas. Together we can create extraordinary jewelry for you and your loved ones!

Precious Metal Clay

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Japan developed precious metal clay or PMC in the early 1990’s. Metallurgist, Dr. A. Morikawa invented it as a way to recycle precious metals used in electronics. PMC is made of just three ingredients: microscopic particles of pure silver, (gold, copper, or bronze) an organic binder, and water.

It comes in a moist lump form, paste (or slip,) and thin, paper-like sheets. It also comes in a syringe that can be extruded to add ornamental decoration to the surface of a piece.

In its fresh stage it is clay-like, moist and malleable. It can be shaped, sculpted, textured, rolled, pressed into molds, or draped over burnout materials such as cereal or cork clay to create a hollow form. I create many of my own textures and molds using found objects or by carving original designs.


About Our Business

You can shop for my work at:

Bluestem Missouri Crafts- Columbia, MO

Northland Artists’ Gallery- Weston, MO

The Red Thread- Gladstone, MO

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Facebook:  www.facebook.com/JulieKochDesigns/

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/juliekochdesigns/

Julie Koch Designs, LLC

Julie Koch

9000 NW 86th Street

Kansas City, MO 64153

(816) 309-1859


Julie Koch
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