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Lonnie Chartrand

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SilverWears, LLC

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I create keepsake jewelry from vintage silverware, "Turning silverware into FOREVER WEAR!".

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Awards and Honors

Juried member of Best of Missouri Hands.

Best of Show, and Best Booth award at Township High School Craft Show.

Honored by the tears of joy from those that were presented with the jewelry created from their families heirloom silverware!

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About Our Art

I create jewelry from vintage silverware.

I am commissioned many times to take a vintage silverware set, of special meaning to a family, and create keepsake heirloom jewelry.  This is from a set of silverware that may have not been used for a long time, sitting in a dark place and turning black with tarnish.  Families do not use the “fancy” silverware for entertaining any more.  Most of what I use is of silver plated origin, therefore has no monetary value, and thank God for that!

So many beautiful pieces of sterling silverware gets scrapped when silver prices go up!  And what a shame this is as once those pieces are scrapped, they are never to be seen again, and with that goes another piece of our history!

The silver plated silverware is just as pretty, and actually wears better as it does not scratch as easily as sterling.  The sad story for silver plate is that since there is no monetary value, much of it is THROWN AWAY!

The manner in which I use it insures that these patterns will be here for many more years to come!

Thus my business tag line “Turning silverware into FOREVER WEAR!”

I have developed and made tools that aids in my  creating this jewelry without the use of heat.  Ninety-nine percent of what I make is “cold rolled” and therefore no heat is put to these pieces insuring quality and prevents “scaling”.

The tools I have designed have been sold around the world, though I prefer to stay a jewelry creator and NOT a tool salesman!  My tools came about through a NEED, and I have shared this with others that also participate in this craft.


About Our Business

SilverWears, LLC was incorporated in 2013.


My jewelry is created from vintage silverware that brings comfort my customers in the recognition of something from their past. Rekindling memories of “grandma used this silverware at Christmas”, and “my mother use to have this pattern”.



This is history being preserved in another form from which it was originally intended, and yet invokes feelings of a bond that are sometimes forgotten.



My tag line states “Turning silverware into FOREVER WEAR”, and this is the concept on which my business was developed, and which is so important to me. To be able to create an heirloom piece from a vintage fork or spoon and turn it into jewelry that can be passed on from generation to generation is one of my greatest satisfactions! Some of my pieces are over one hundred years old and saving them from the scrap yards, to once again be turned into a product of beauty and functionality brings me pure pleasure.



To make the best jewelry that I can, I have developed some specialized tools that sets my type of jewelry apart from those that do the same type of thing. The differences are slight in appearance, but my customers recognize and have commented on the differences with positive remarks.



The utmost compliment I receive from my customers is when I have taken their vintage silverware and turned it into special gifts for their family members as a keepsake, and the presenter says, “They cried when they received their jewelry as it had so much sentimental value to them.”


THAT is why I go to my shop every day!



Lonnie Chartrand
Juried Member