Linda Passeri BOMH Candidate for Board of Directors 2022-2023

Linda Passeri / Springfield, MO

I learned to wield a brush in a sign shop, from older painters who did their best to pass on techniques for rendering letters, pictorials, and flourishes. The style I refer to as “Psychedelic Nouveau” is a result and a mix of those early influences. I create poster-like compositions with flowing borders and layer acrylic paint to achieve the saturated colors. I like to reference vintage jewelry pieces as the basis for the main subjects, and usually include a painted “jewel” or two in the composition.

I create sculptural works inspired by or to be companions for my paintings. I can choose a specific portion of a painting and challenge myself to recreate it in 3 dimensions. I can render details in a painting that might be difficult to sculpt, but as a 3-dimensional piece, I can find new possibilities for every side and surface. I hand build with ceramic clay and might add metal, glass, string, wire, or found objects. Each usually sits on a satin black wood base or can be displayed on a wall. I apply ceramic underglazes and then cold finishes to achieve the satin sheens, and saturated colors I use in my paintings.

Member, Springfield Regional Arts Council 2012 – present
Member, Joplin Artist Coalition 2018 – present

Member, Spiva Center for the Arts 2020 – present

Springfield Art Museum Board Member 2016-2022

Moon City Creative District Founding Board Member 2014-2022

Summer Solstice Art Fair Coordinator/ Director 2015-2021

Southwest Missouri Art and Craft Guild 2012-2020